Take Action

The climate and ecological crisis is here and those who have contributed the least pay the heaviest price. Big mining companies and governments in collusion with international financial institutions and other criminals are exploiting natural resources at the expense of local communities East and West, North and South with impunity. This development model is harming people and communities as well as the planet we depend on. Change starts with raising our voices together and taking a stand.

Photo Credits
Lebogang Thlako, Ange Asanzi

You can make a difference


  • Organise a screening in your community.
  • Share stories or photos of how women are holding up the sky in your community using #WomenHoldUpTheSky.
  • Donate in support of the communities in the film or to support WoMin’s work in supporting communities who are fighting for climate justice.
  • Become a climate justice champion in your own community.
  • Join your local environmental organisation or movement.
  • Sign up to the WoMin quarterly newsletter for regular updates on our work!